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Payments Configuration

Create a PayPal REST API Application

Visit the PayPal Developer Dashboard and click “create app”.

Back in a terminal, you’ll need to add the paypal client id and secret obtained in the above step:

EDITOR=vim rails credentials:edit

and populate the file with:

  client_id: abc123
  secret: xyz987

Create a Product

Open a rails console and create a product:

product = PayPal::Product.create!(name: 'Example product', description: 'example product description')

Create a Plan

In the same rails console session, create a plan:

plan = PayPal::Plan.create!(product_id:, name: 'Example plan', description: 'example plan description')

Configure Webhooks

This application will modify a user’s subscription status when that user cancels a plan on

Only the first webhook is used for verification. See WebhooksController#create for more details about how incoming webhooks are verified. Notably, webhooks.first is present.

Using the Rails Console


Using the PayPal Developer Dashboard

Visit the developer dashboard and click on the application you created earlier. Click “add webhook”. Set the webhook url to

At the time of this writing (2023-03), only the BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.CANCELLED event type is used to modify a user’s subscription status in the application.

Use the Webhooks Simulator

The PayPal Webhooks Simulator allows you to send test events like BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.CANCELLED to a staging or local environment to simulate buyer behaviors on

Using ngrok for Local Webhook Testing

You can use ngrok to generate a public webhook url:

ngrok http 3000
# Forwarding -> http://localhost:3000

For convenience, there is a commented out line in config/environments/development.rb that allows incoming requests from ngrok:

# config/environments/development.rb
config.hosts << /[a-z0-9\-]+\.ngrok\.io/

Generate More Webhook Mocks

It might be useful to click around the application UI and see which events are triggered by paypal. Use the following code to write a mock for each received webhook.

  "spec/mocks/paypal-webhook-" + params["event_type"] + ".json",