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There are two authentication options available:

  • Devise - provides email and password authentication
  • Auth0 - provides email, sms, social, and more authentication

Both are included by default.

Choose Devise for the quickest setup. No 3rd party credentials are required to authenticate users in your rails application.


Devise uses session and registration controllers from the gem. The only configuration required for this integration is a SendGrid SMTP credentials in config/environment.rb


Auth0 redirects all authentication requests to and responds with omniauth data (uid, email, access token) through the Auth0Controller in this application.

This integration uses a User model with many identities. Each oauth provider gets its own identity.

The credentials required for the Auth0 integration are:


which can be configured via EDITOR=vim rails credentials:edit

Auth0 UI Configuration

You will also need to add http://localhost:3000/auth/auth0/callback as an allowed callback url in the application configuration.