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Getting Started

Local Setup

git clone
cd saas-starter
docker compose up -d --build
# and
docker compose exec web bash
docker attach saas-starter-web-1
# or
rails s

$ EDITOR=vim rails credentials:edit to add/edit secrets

You’ll need a PayPal client id and secret as well as a SendGrid API Key with full Mail access:

  client_id: abc123
  secret: xyz789
sendgrid: def456

Application Configuration

You can configure application constants like the domain name, title, and GitHub URL. All of these are configured inside of config/application.rb:

module Starter
  class Application < Rails::Application
    # ... all the other config.* lines ...
    config.title = "SaaS Starter"
    config.domain = ""
    config.github_url = ""
docker compose exec web bin/bundle exec rails db:create db:migrate

Getting a Clean Slate

So you want to use this template for a propietary project with no connection back to the saas-starter project? This section is for you.

Without the Version Control History

Instead of using the template, you can download a zip file of the source code or download a zipfile or tarball from the latest release.

Replacing References to SaaS Starter

In order to find all the references, use git grep:

git grep -in starter

There’s a rake task available to make this as easy as possible:

$ rake clean_slate

but you’ll probably need to update a few things here or there.